About Us

Jain Chem, Ltd. is a specialty chemical technology company focused on the development and sale of value added functional polymer products.

Jain Chem has developed a number of environmentally friendly specialty coatings and treatments for the paper and packaging industry. Ulterion®  brand products satisfy a number of application needs such as water repellent container board, baking release for frozen foods, improved processing for paper making, grease resistance coatings and a number of other specialty needs for paper.

Jain Chem is a large supplier of chemical companies who sell and service the textile industry worldwide. The Ulterion® brand offers several products used in the processing of denim, garment, and other textile products. Jain Chem also specializes in phosphorous based flame retardants for use in textile finishing and back coatings.

Avox™ polyol is an emerging product line for Jain Chem, designed for use in urethane polymer and foam application.