Developments in Many Industrial Markets

Jain Chem is a company focused on developing functional polymers for industrial markets. Over the past few years significant developments have been made for the Textile, Denim, Paper, Sustainable Packaging and Construction industries. Many of our products utilize renewable and recyclable raw materials. Jain Chem is a leader in specialized products for Denim and in functional coatings and treatments for the paper and sustainable packaging markets.

Sustainable Packaging

Innovative environmentally friendly coatings and treatments that help create sustainable packaging solutions that are both functional and economical. Jain Chem has helped pioneer alternatives for wax, silicone and polyethylene in a variety of packaging applications. Learn more »

Textile Finishings

As a global supplier for denim and garment processing, Ulterion® is recognized as superior for anti-back staining, process efficiency and resin treatment for special effects and durable press applications. Our denim industry products are based on sustainable or renewable raw materials.              Learn more »

Sustainable Polyols

Jain Chem's innovative, multi-functional polyols are manufactured utilizing recycled and renewable resources. The AVOX™ product line provides polyol customers with an eco-friendly, sustainable option for their formulations. Learn more »


Jain Chem offers a broad range of Ulterion® brand sizes and additive treatments that provide a host of repulpable property improvements for paper and paperboard applications. Non-wicking paper and paperboard, improved printability, surface strength enhancement, water resistance, and improved gluability are properties achievable with Ulterion® brand products. Learn more »