Ulterion is committed to providing quality innovative products and responsive service to its customers in the targeted markets it serves. Thus, Ulterion's primary objectives are to grow profitably in existing, new, and emerging markets by:

  1. Listening and responding to customer needs and desires.
  2. Developing innovative value-added products for our customers with the objective of helping our customers become more profitable through product differentiation.
  3. Providing market assistance to customers using Ulterion technology.
  4. Becoming the leader in technology, technical service and marketing know-how for committed customers.
  5. Developing environmentally friendly products.
Ulterion is also committed to providing a quality environment for its employees by:
  1. Maintaining a safe and friendly working environment.
  2. Listening to employee needs and suggestions for continuous improvement.
  3. Training employees in job functions and customer responsiveness.

Ulterion is committed to working diligently while continuously improving the quality of relationships and financial rewards for all stakeholders including, customers, employees, shareholders and suppliers.