Oil & Grease Resistant Coatings | Ulterion®

Jain Chem has a full range of FDA approved, sustainable, grease resistant coatings for paper and paperboard food packaging applications. Ulterion brand coatings are designed to provide an economical approach to making a variety of packaging applications oil and grease resistant, while offering the highest degree of repulpability, recyclability and compostability.  All of Ulterion's OGR coatings are fluoro, chromium and silicone free.


OGR Coating Ulterion 5150 OGB

Ulterion 5150 OGB is a FDA approved, modified polymer designed as a film former with excellent oil and grease resistant properties, for use at the size press and calendar stack, or used as a binder in coating applications. 

OGR Coating Ulterion 531 OPV

Ulterion 531 OPV is a low viscosity, FDA approved coating developed for oil resistance and water repellency which features excellent runability on corrugators and strong release properties. 

OGR Coating Ulterion 535 OPV

Ulterion 535 OPV is a low viscosity, FDA approved coating developed for oil resistance & water repellency. It has been formulated to improve processing under extreme heat temperatures and or low temperature curing situations where scuffing or sticking is a potential issue. 

OGR Coating Ulterion 537 OPV 

Ulterion 537 OPV is a low viscosity, high surface tension, FDA approved coating designed for oil resistance and water repellency designed for application on flexographic presses. 

OGR Coating Ulterion 560 OPV

Ulterion 560 OPV is a low viscosity coating developed for oil resistance & water resistance. It has applications in moisture barrier coatings, cold release coatings, food packaging coatings, and others where water & oil holdout is a requirement and process-curing conditions are minimal. 

OGR Coating Ulterion 560 HV

Ulterion 560 HV is a FDA approved OGR and water barrier that is Fluoro, Chromium and Styrene free.  Can be used as a stand-alone coating or as a top coating that is repulpable and recyclable.  560 HV offers great printability and has excellent release properties.