Jain Chem’s Ulterion® 200 Series surfactants are designed to be compatible with a wide range of enzymes to minimize the back-staining of indigo dyes on stone-washed denim garments. These products are particularly effective for use with cotton and denim garments, especially when used in combination with Ulterion® PW 100 Series polyblockers.

Ulterion® 267 DS

Highly concentrated formulated non-ionic dispersing agent; “nonyl phenol free”…

Ulterion® 267 DS Tech Bulletin

Ulterion® 225 GS

Formulated non-ionic combination of highly efficient wetting agents, dispersing agents and surfactants; “nonyl-phenol free”; made from sustainable raw mate…

Ulterion® 225 GS Tech Bulletin

Ulterion® 255 S

Highly effective formulated surfactant designed to minimize back-staining; can be used in the stone-washing, desizing and final clean-up steps…

Ulterion® 255 S Tech Bulletin