Ulterion® lubricants are designed to lower the coefficient of friction of a coated surface, eliminate can picking and improve runnability.

Ulterion® 1000 NP

Ulterion® 1000 NP is a polyacrylamide polymer supplied as a powder that can be dissolved easily to form a 1-2% solution that has a wide range of uses in t…

Ulterion® 1000 NP Tech Bulletin

Ulterion® 120 WD

A hydrophyllic lubricant for use with starch to prevent can picking; excellent for use in textile sizing…

Ulterion® 120 WD Tech Bulletin

Ulterion® 150 WD

Turkey Red Oil, used is a lubricant, defoamer, dye assist; dispersible in water; excellent humectant…

Ulterion® 150 WD Tech Bulletin

Ulterion® HDPL

Ulterion® HDPLs a true high-density polyethylene lubricant which provides sewing lubricity, tear-strength protection, abrasion resistance, and sanforizing lubricity to a variety of textile fabrics.

Ulterion® HDPL Tech Bulletin

Ulterion® HDPL 58

High solids high density polyethylene micro emulsion…

Ulterion® HDPL 58 Tech Bulletin

Ulterion® HDPL C-25

Cationic high density polyethylene micro emulsion…

Ulterion® HDPL C-25 Tech Bulletin


Oxidized high density polyethylene powder…

AVOX HDPE Tech Bulletin