Jain Chem, Ltd. is a global chemicals company recognized as a trusted innovator of high performance functional polymers, water based coatings for sustainable packaging applications, specialty chemicals for denim and garment processing, and flame retardants for textile and paper applications.

  • Focused on developing environmentally friendly products through the use of natural and recycled raw materials.
  • Responsive to our customers' needs by providing the products and assistance they need to be successful.
  • Partnering with our customers to help them become more profitable through product differentiation.

About Our Website

On this web-site you will find a wealth of information about our specialty chemicals company, the markets we serve and the solutions that we provide for our customers. We have included technical bulletins and case studies documenting the value and cost savings we deliver to our valued customers.

For an immediate review of your current needs, please utilize the request information form or call our headquarters. We’re here to help!

Taking Green Farther

Since Ulterion International was founded in 2001, and acquired by Jain Chem, Ltd in 2010, we have been committed to developing environmentally friendly products in the targeted markets we serve. Our specialty coatings and treatments provide for recyclable and repulpable packaging that can save money by making it a renewable resource.

As we continue to provide innovative specialty chemicals for key industries, our company maintains its commitment to developing sustainable Ulterion® brand products.